Journey P.A.T.H. Coaching

                "Embracing the journey's of motherhood!"

 I help create serenity in the midst of the storms of motherhood.  The good news is all storms come to an end!  Staying true to creating inner piece, focus, clarity, and connecting with your children and others on a different level!  Mothers are all unique in creating the paths of their journey through serenity you will be your journey.  

Journey path coaching comes from a reminder that each day is a gift!  My kindergarten teacher taught me a song long ago,  "I stop-I look-I listen before I cross the street!"  Funny yes, I know but never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought that would be of use besides crossing the street.  If we stop-take a look-and listen to what our heart or inner self is telling us.  Through this you can create joy withing your journey!

I am Sharon Renth proud mother of 4 wonderful children!  That always keep me on my toes!  I love to read, learn, and enjoy the beauty and peace of nature!  Please visit again soon!  We are always updating!  Much more to come!